Jet Washing Kensington SW7

jet-washing-KensingtonKeeping the front area of your home and business estate clean is necessary for its presentable and hygienic state.

Cleaning paved, tarmac, brickwork and tiled surfaces should be done with the help of powerful pressure washing machines to bring the desired effect.

Our operatives are properly trained and skilled to work with jet washing machines and conduct excellent cleaning.

The jet washing which we provide in domestic, retail and commercial estates based in Kensington, SW7 is effective and trustworthy.

Pressure Cleaning Service Price
Patio and Driveway Cleaning £3 £2 sq.m.
Jet Washing £3 £2 sq.m.

“ Our home exterior had gotten really greenish and was in need of a serious professional cleaning. We hired this jet washing service for help, and they did a terrific job. We could not have asked for better results. Thank you guys for the great service, and for your budget friendly prices! ” – Dustin

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Cost-effective Jet Washing Kensington

Our staff can restore the perfectly clean and presentable condition of your outdoor home and business estate’s areas. Use our cost-effective jet washing which ensures:

  • Complete removal of darkening, stains and soiling
  • Eliminating of tyre marks, scuffs, oil and grime
  • Eradicating of moss, weeds and lichens
  • Cleaning of mould, mildew and dirt of any nature
  • Excellent sanitising of paved, concreted, tarmac, tiled, brickwork and wooden surfaces

You can count on the technicians in our company to keep the pavements, swimming pools, driveways, patios and other areas in your property well washed. They will inspect the surface and prepare a quote for the customer to be approved.

Pressure Cleaning Services SW7

presure-cleaning-before-after-KensingtonWe use modern and effective pressure washing machines which are powerful enough to remove all kinds of dirt and stains as well was restore overgrown hard surfaces. Make an appointment with any of the operatives in our company to implement the jet washing you need in your home or retail shop, based in Kensington and the outcome will be excellent.

We work in cooperation with the customer to achieve the result which each one expects. Our staff can advise you how often to have your pavements, driveways, pools, deckings, etc. cleaned and keep them in flawless condition. We can offer you suitable coatings to make your hard surfaces protected and clean for a long time.

Our jet washing services can be used by property owners in Kensington, SW7 to maintain your exterior areas in good condition. Hire our staff to remove the tyre marks, stains, weeds, moss and grime from your property and the results will surpass your expectations.