Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Kensington SW7

hard-floor-cleaningYour expensive hard floor has lost its shine? If you answer in the affirmative, the high-end hard floor cleaning and polishing services we offer across Kensington are exactly what you need. Hard floors demand gentle care and regular maintenance to retain their glossy, elegant look.

We possess the necessary machines, cleaning solutions and adequate approach to provide the care your floor needs.

All dust particles shed in the process will be taken care of. Some materials like marble and limestone require specialised sealants to be applied on the surface to protect the floor from any detrimental impacts. Once polishing is over, the splendour of your floor will be revealed once again.

We will get the job done in no time without hassles or hidden fees!

Adept Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service Kensington

We are fully equipped to deliver first-class hard floor cleaning and polishing to residential and commercial owners throughout SW7. We are skilled, adept and love what we do which is why we are so good at it. Call us if you insist on:

  • Moderate rates without additional costs
  • No-obligation estimates
  • Service on short notice throughout the week
  • Insured, knowledgeable and trustworthy technicians
  • Tangible results
  • Modern equipment

“ I can attest that this company has an amazing overall service. I have been their regular client for a few years now and they have never displeased me. Their cleaners always work diligently, leaving my terracotta floors spotless. Thanks for your hard work, and your affordable prices. ” – Kate

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Ingrained dirt, indentations, blemishes and shine loss are among the most widespread problems, hard floor owners complain of. Indeed, regular deep cleaning, polishing and sealing are required to save the shiny, glamorous appearance of your hard floor.

Thankfully, we possess the necessary degree of expertise and experience to restore your hard floor to its once elegant condition.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing SW7

hard-floor-cleaning-servicesEach type of hard floor is unique. Vinyl and tile floors are less demanding than marble, granite or sandstone floors. That is why our team will inspect the floor to determine what the suitable cleaning approach is.

Stone floors will be treated with natural cleaning products to avoid damages. The team will use special cleaning machines to gently remove all dirt, ingrained in the surface.

Our skilled and experienced technicians implement high-end buffing and polishing machines to remove all imperfections from your floor. The low-rotation, buffing process will rid the floor of indentations, scratches and irregularities.

Call us on the phone or fill our booking form online to request the expert hard floor cleaning and polishing services we provide in Kensington, SW7. We always deliver mind-blowing results!